Cassis Worm is a boss in Kamen Rider: Battride War.


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Cassis Worm is seen can change into three forms throughout the game.

  • Cassis Worm Dimidius
  • Cassis Worm Gladius
  • Cassis Worm Clipeus


  • Combo: TBA
  • Special Moves:
    • A jumping roundhouse Rider Kick, which is similar to Gatack's Rider Kick.
    • A rushing sword stab Rider Sting, which is similar to The Bee's Rider Sting.
    • Teleport ability. Cassis Worm usually follow the move with a combo or a special move.
    • Counter Teleport. Just same with above, but Cassis Worm waits opponent's attacks.
  • Duplicate. This only works as Cassis Worm Clipeus. This ability, makes the game's difficulty rises.


His Counter Teleport can be evaded if you hear Cassis Worm says "I'll return any attack." Making you can stop attacking him. Also, like many bosses, attacking him from the back is the most efficient strategy.


  • Cassis Worm CLipeus' body is the same body as Gladius. But due to his duplicate ability, he should be states Clipeus not Gladius.