Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion
Decade Violent Emotion
Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion
Identity Tsukasa Kadoya (original)
Callas (original game)
Series Kamen Rider Decade (original)
Original to the game (Callas)
Debut Kamen Rider: Battride War (used by Callas as a boss form)
Kamen Rider: Battride War II (playable appearance, as Tsukasa)
Portrayed By Hochu Otsuka (BW1 (cutscene only)
Masahiro Inoue (BW1 (gameplay only), BW2 - onwards (all))
Unlock Condition Battride War II:
Defeat his doppelganger as original Decade
Battride War Genesis:
Complete "End" mission with original Decade

Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion is a character in Kamen Rider: Battride War series. The form was used by the antagonist, Callas in original game as a boss form for him. In the later sequels, the form is reused again by the original Decade, marking this form's playable debut in Kamen Rider: Battride War II.


After Tsukasa had no choice but to accept his role as a destroyer of all Kamen Riders & their A.R. counterparts, he destroys all the other Kamen Riders who approaches him except for Diend, A.R. World's Electro Wave Human Tackle, Natsumi uses Kiva-la, a tiny Kivat that the group encountered in the World of Kiva, to transform into Kamen Rider Kiva-la. As he already knows how regretful is on his role as a destroyer, Decade is willingly to let Kiva-la impales him through the Decadriver, causing Tsukasa to die, but not before giving Natsumi the cards left behind when he destroyed the other Kamen Riders. His death is the catalyst for the restoration of all the A.R. Worlds and everyone who died in the Rider War, even those Decade did not kill personally, such as Kamen Riders Leangle and Ixa. Afterwards, the memories of his friends are used to revive him, return into original state of Decade, and he leads the other Kamen Riders in the final battle with the newly formed Super Shocker and the revived Neo Organism.


Almost similar to original version of Decade however, Violent Emotion cannot access any Kamen Ride and Complete Forms and even more powerful than original Decade. Violent Emotion's R1/ is an Attack Ride from pre-Decade Heisei Riders in place of original Decade's Form change, mimicking most of their moves.

-String, Running , Air , Air , Rider Cancel are remained the same

His only finisher is a teleported Dimensional Kick.


Strenghts/Pros and Weaknesses/ConsEdit


  • Well-round to use
  • Powerful Attack Point
  • Uses full powered of Heisei Rider Phase 1's Attack Ride R1/
  • + (Attack Ride - Invisble to Dimensional Kick) can freezes time and good for dodging. However...


  • Still share a weakness as original self for not having a skip function pose during a -String combos, including the learn of Rider Cancelling Attack Ride - Invisible
  • (Attack Ride - Gigant) is very slow while tapping
  • Only R1/'s Kabuto Final Attack Ride is very different, yet a bit same. While the rest has some of the properties different than original, whether be in pros or cons alike
  • SB-913V Side Basshar Battle Mode is not his final mode due to a reason not actually his rights, and deeming the movesets will be the same as Kaixa's SB-913V Side Basshar Battle Mode
  • + (Attack Ride - Invisble to Dimensional Kick) does not suits for juggling



Decade Violent Emotion (and his normal version)'s bike is Machine Decader.

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