Kamen Rider Gaim
Kamen Rider Gaim
Identity Kouta Kazuraba
Series Kamen Rider Gaim
Debut Kamen Rider: Battride War II
Portrayed By Gaku Sano
Unlock Condition Battride War II:
* Starting Rider (original)
* Download free DLC from Nintendo eShop and Playstation Network (Kiwami Arms)
Battride War Genesis:
Complete All Part 2's main missions

Kamen Rider Gaim is a playable character, debuted in Kamen Rider: Battride War II. He is one of the three main protagonists of the second game.

Biography Edit

Originally part of a dancing crew known as the Beat Riders, Kouta aims to learn how to become an adult. He met Kaito since high school, while accidentally bumped into him and apologize, as Kouta had other things to do for his sister. Following the disappearance (or the Inves mutation) of his friend, Yuya, Kouta and Mai investigate the area he told to them to meet up. Upon discovering a strange belt known as the "Sengoku Driver" in Helheim, which Yuya dropped it after he ate some Helheim fruit (origins of the Lockseed device) that turns him into an Inves and the power it gives Kouta, as he believes it to be the key to his journey to become an adult. He didn't realize that the different Inves he and Mai encounter at the forest was Yuya, whom Gaim unknowingly kills him until he finds out, breaking his fighting spirit but being advice by Sagara to move on as what Yuya promised for in hopes of humanity.

Given the Kachidoki Lockseed to achieve that goal, Kouta tells Mai everything he knows to Mitsuzane's displeasure while managing to win Takatora over with a way they can save the world without sacrificing human lives. At this point, Kouta finally gets a job at Drupers, but only after his sister is downsized and he must find some form of work. During the Lover Lord Dēmushu's invasion into Zawame, he is critically injured by the Yggdrasill Corporation force's sudden attacks on him, resulting in Dēmushu landing a fatal blow on Gaim, until Baron rushes to his aid and retreat to Team Gaim's place safely. Gravely wounded, Kouta has another encounter with Sagara who offers him the Kiwami Lockseed to help him obtain the Forbidden Fruit to save his world. Though warned that he would have to kill everyone else who is after the Forbidden Fruit and would eventually become an Over Lord himself, Kouta accepts the Kiwami Lockseed. As he uses the Lockseed, Kouta unknowingly becomes more like the Over Lords, even gaining the ability to use the plants to his advantage after battling Redue and Roshuo. However, Mitsuzane plans to fight him with his new Ryugen Yomi transformation, and during the fight, Kouta intentionally lets his guard down, taking a seemingly fatal blow from Ryugen Yomi, all in an attempt to get his friend back to normal. Kouta's wounded body is later found by Chucky and Peko and brought back to the garage for treatment. In his injured state, Mai visits Kouta spiritually and warns him about Kaito wanting to use the Forbidden Fruit to change the future. While trying to learn if Redyue and Roshuo's words about him becoming an Over Lord after obtaining the Kiwami Lockseed are true, Kouta starts to test it out by eating the Helheim's fruit. When it has no effect on him at all, he realizes that they were right in their warnings. After killing Kaito, Kouta receives the Golden Fruit and evolves into the blonde-haired Man of the Beginning. Not wanting to destroy the current world nor rule it as it is, he uses his power to open a Crack to send all of the Inves and Helheim Forest onto another barren world at the far end of the universe, where he and Mai will create new life instead. Seven months later when Kogane returns as Armored Rider Jam, possessing the form of a teenage girl and beating Mitsuzane close to death, Kouta returns to Earth to help Mitsuzane destroy the Locust Monster, and splits Kogane from its host, so both Gaim and Ryugen can finish it off for good. After the last fight with Kogane, Kouta leaves Earth once more, saying goodbye to both Mitsuzane and the spirit of Kaito who is lingering behind at the relocated sacred tree. Shocked, he was killed by Megahex only he was revived.



Battride War GenesisEdit

  • Suika Arms added and has its own final form finisher. No sign of Gyro Mode as part of the form's Bike Mode.
  • Kiwami Arms as an Ultimate Final Form / no longer separate character.
  • New Improvement on Orange Jimber Lemon Arms:
    • Unexpectedly as a via attacks form change only like Accel Booster
    • Sonic Volley is now only +
    • New Moves:
      • : Revolvers to Radial slash
        • Press two more times for more hits. Third hit is Radial slash
      • : jumping Sonic Slash
        • Followups during a jump
          • : Dive Kick
          • : Sonic Arrow Shot
          • : Jimber Burai Kick

Strenghts/Pros and Weaknesses/ConsEdit


  • Orange and Kiwami Arms, followed by its Jimber Lemon Arms and a newly Suika Arms in Genesis are very well-round to use
  • Pine Arms is good for mid range combat
  • Ichigo Arms is very fast for close range on -Strings and very focus on Kunai throw's explosion trapping
  • Ichigo Kunai projectile throw related moves for Ichigo and Kiwami Arms strength was originally focus on explosion traps back in BW2
  • : Hinawa Dai Dai Musou Zan (Au Lait)
  • Kachidoki and Kiwami's + (Hinawa Dai Dai Musou Zan (Charge)) is suitable against surrounding
  • Kachidoki Arms:
    • The best shot mix property use are Tap and Super Mix
      • Tap Mix is very best to use
      • Super Mix is very Unblockable
      • (Hinawa Dai Dai Musou Zan (Au Lait)) is the best melee move to use
  • Kiwami Arms has Dynasty Warrior-esque moves


  • Has Two Final Form Sets, which needs to be picked before the gameplay starts
  • Originally prior BWG, Jimber Lemon is considered the weakest form due to lack of special moves
  • Orange Arms' (Daidai Ittou) is not suitable for juggling
  • Orange and Ichigo Arms' Air cannot be linked to/from Air
  • Pine Arms:
    • Air can only be spammed and linked to Air when hit
    • (Iron Bringer to Musou Zan) is not suitable for close-range and its followup on its Musou Zan can only be pressed again when hit
    • + (Iron Breaker) can only Rider Cancel when hit
  • Ichigo Arms:
    • One of (kunai throw) single projectile throw part must be sacrificed into its front radial throw while holding the button on a certain number of presses
    • (Kunai Burst (Scatter Shot))' anti-projectile cannot hit close-range
  • Ichigo Kunai projectile throw related moves for Ichigo and Kiwami Arms were originally weak against bosses and only have its explosion trapping strength on the third string, back in BW2
  • Orange Jimber Lemon Arms
    • Unexpectedly as of BWG, this form change must be accessible via attackslike Accel Booster
    • (jumping Sonic Slash)'s jumping followup must be learned carefully
  • There is no two other Orange Jimber Arms (Cherry and Peach)
  • Suika Arms:
    • Has no Gyro Mode to act as alternate transportation mode
    • Cannot Jump or Guard
  • Kachidoki Arms:
    • (Gun mix type change and shot) must be learned careful on changing its projectile change holding
    • Kachidoki and Kiwami's + (Hinawa Dai Dai Musou Zan (Charge)) is very slow



Gaim uses the Sakura Hurricane as his motorcycle. In Battride War II, he was temporarily rides a horse in cutscenes only. For some reason on Suika Arms, Gyro Mode is not included as Bike Mode, instead of just return to previous main Arms Change and cost amount the super meters.

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