Kamen Rider Garren
Kamen Rider Garren
Identity Sakuya Tachibana
Series Kamen Rider Blade
Debut Kamen Rider: Battride War (non-playable)
Kamen Rider: Battride War II (support only)
Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis (playable)
Portrayed By Kousei Amano
Unlock Condition Defeat Garren in "The Awakening of Garren"

Kamen Rider Garren is a former non-playable character in the previous Battride War games, until being promoted playable in Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis.


Like Kenzaki, Tachibana is a BOARD member, but originally from a Humanity Foundation Research Branch who graduated from the Sazahaibu University and was selected to be the user of Rider System 01, using the sealed Category Ace of Diamond (Change Stag) to become Kamen Rider Garren. From the beginning of the series, Tachibana begins to suffer a form of cellular breakdown, and only by sealing the Undead did the process slow down. Tachibana blames Karasuma for his condition, and the fact that Kenzaki was appointed as his backup rider in case he could not cope on his own did not improve his relationship with Karasuma. When he attempted to seal the Locust Undead before it attacked BOARD, Tachibana is forced to abduct Karasuma for answers prior to him going into a coma. However, it is only revealed later that the "Karasuma" he safeguarded was only a decoy as Tachibana learns that it is actually his subconscious fear that is causing the breakdown.

Tachibana encounters Isaka, the Peacock Undead, who recruits him by removing his fears with exposure to Schuld Kestner seaweed, an extinct plant that intensifies the aggressive nature of the subject. Though he became more aggressive and worked under Isaka for more of the seaweed, Tachibana was unaware of the eventual damage it would do to his nervous system. Though his dear friend Sayoko Fukasawa tries to warn him, Tachibana does not listen until he learns that Isaka murdered Sayoko for meddling in his affairs. Tachibana overcomes his fear while defeating the Peacock Undead and sealing him.

Later in the series, as restitution for being manipulated by an Undead, Tachibana takes Mutsuki under his wing, attempting to help him stay in control of the Spider Undead. During the final few episodes, Kamen Rider Garren came face to face with the Giraffa Undead and battled it out with him. Despite the Undead warning him the consequences of Hajime being the last Undead standing, thus making him champion of the Battle Fight, Garren insists on believing in his friend before the two fall off a cliff. The battle ended with Garren nowhere to be found and the King Undead sealed leaving the Joker as the winner. He is found upon the arrival of the Chief telling Kenzaki that he was saved because of him. During a final showdown between Kenzaki and Hajime, Tachibana and his friends were trying to defend themselves against a countless Dark Roach Undeads, until the hordes of that Undeads are recently disappeared and soon learned from Karasuma and Shiori that Kenzaki has becoming another Joker, sacrificing his human body to save humanity and for Hajime to live as a human. With no avail to find Kenzaki, Tachibana and his friends mourn his disappearance, despite the world is saved. Tachibana considered Kenzaki like a brother to him.



The following forms are available to Garren.

  • Ace Form (default)
  • Jack Form (final form)

Temporarily for this form, apart from his Garren Rouzer like his ally, Blade, Garren relies on the Rouze Cards when fighting. To use these cards, Garren must use enough AP which he gains after attacking enemies. The maximum amount of AP he can store is 10000.

  • Rider Cancel: Dodge
  • Rider Glide: Charge Shot


  • ------: a two punches and two kicks, followed by two straight punches ended with Garren Rouzer shot
  • Hold : Parry Counter Shot
    • Hold to wait
    • Counter
    • Invisible Armor
    • Difficult to Rider Cancel
  • Running : a jumping kick
  • Air : an aerial shots
  • Air : an aerial back shot
  • : a series of shots
    • Tap for more hits
      • Only lasted for five times
    • Can be rotated
  • : jumping back shot
    • Good for dodging to back, must be learn reversely similar to Decade, DiEnd and Ghost's back dodging
  • +: a dashing charge to uppercut
    • Hold to charge
      • Can be directed during dash charge
    • Good for Rider Cancelling after uppercut for an aerial followups from jump to Air attacks
  • R1/: Rouze Card
    • Bullet Armadillo
      • Effect: Increase Garren Rouzer's bullets into 3
      • Points: 1000 - 500 AP
    • Burning Shot (Bullet + Fire)
      • Effect: a flaming shot
        • Puts Garren in Armored state
        • Difficult to Rider Cancel
      • Points: 1500 - 1000 AP
    • Burning Upper (Upper + Fire)
      • Effect: a flaming uppercut
      • Good for Rider Cancelling after uppercut for an aerial followups from jump to Air attacks
      • Points: 1500 - 1000 AP
    • Burning Smash (Drop + Fire)
      • Effect: a jumping flaming drop kick
      • Points: 2500 - 1500 AP
    • Burning Divide (Drop + Fire + Gemini)
      • Effect: a double version of Burning Smash
        • Invisible Armored
        • Difficult to Rider Cancel
      • Points: 5000 - 2500 AP

Jack Form is accessed by pressing R2 when the super gauge is at 50% or 100%. After transforming, Garren performs Jack Burning Shot. However, unlike Blade Jack Form moves and terminologies, Garren Jack Form has different move, similar to Ryuki Survive Mode and unable to use Rouze Cards due to lack of Rouze Card uses in the series. Additionally adds flight like Blade Jack Form.

  • Rider Cancel: Dodge
  • Rider Glide: Charge Shot


  • -----: a series of slashes using J-Garren Rouzer
  • Running : a running slash
  • Air ---: a three aerial slash attacks to shot
    • Good for dodging to back on the shot
    • Actually Spammable
  • Air X: Flight
    • Hold to stay fly
      • Can be directed while holding
  • Air : Jack Burning Shots
    • Good for dodging to back
  • : Jumping Jack Burning Back Shots
    • Good for aerial followups
    • Good for dodging to back, must be learn reversely similar to Decade, DiEnd and Ghost's back dodging
  • : Shoulder Charge to Rising Slash
      • Good for aerial followups
  • +: Jack Burning Smash

Strenghts/Pros and Weaknesses/ConsEdit


  • Ace Form:
    • Suitable for long-range due to -Strings is albeit weak
    • Hold (Parry Counter Shot) is good to parry incoming attacks
    • + (a dashing charge to uppercut) is suitable for close-range
    • R1/ (Rouze Card)
      • Has Auto Guard like the rest of equipment/form changes, during the pose
      • Can repeat or linked to another Rouze Card Access Moves, and way safer than Blade, due to Garren's Jack Form is his final form by canon
      • Bullet Armadillo increase Garren Rouzer's bullets and way safer while entering/exiting Vehicle/Transportation Mode, just like Stronger's Electro Gauge Boost activation properties' transportation mode entering
      • Burning Shot has an Armored
      • Burning Divide has an Invisible Armored
    • Due to unable to use Air Dash figure's Air Dash move for now. The tricks to evade ground attack for too long is to Hold X, then during a flip jump, by pressing Air +Hold X
  • Jack Form:
    • Playstyle is suitable as an aerial fighter
    • Air -Strings are actually spammable
    • Best option after using (jumping Jack Burning Back Shots) while in the air is to use Air Glide
    • Additionally, (jumping Jack Burning Back Shots) projectiles and the 4th-Air (air shot) on juggling opponent slows their falling
    • All special moves, except + (Jack Burning Smash) are good for aerial followups


  • Ace Form:
    • Must be learned on spending Rouze Card Access points via attacks, which only maxes to 10000
    • Although Rouze Card Access can be repeated or linked to one another, it cannot be linked after linked to a Bullet Armadillo
    • Using Air Dash figure is still cannot perform Air Dash. Needs to be fix
    • Not suitable for close-range, mostly on -Strings seems very overpowered
    • Hold (Parry Counter Shot), and Rouze Card Access' Burning Shot and Burning Divide are difficult to Rider Cancel
    • (jumping back shot) is very slow on Rider Cancelling after he hits the ground
  • Jumping back shots on Jack Form's and Ace Form's must be learned reversely to get close the knockdown enemies
  • Jack Form:
    • Has no Rouze Card Access
    • Air (Jack Burning Shots) has a worst effect besides being vulnerable while performing this move in higher air
  • The end of Closing Screen is not his primary card. Needs to be updated in sequels



Garren's bike is Red Rhombus.