Kamen Rider Stronger
Kamen Rider Stronger
Identity Shigeru Jo
Series Kamen Rider Stronger
Debut Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis
Portrayed By Takeshi Mori
Unlock Condition Complete All Part 3's main missions

Kamen Rider Stronger is a playable character, debuted in Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis.


Shigeru is an eccentric man with bravado. He wears various t-shirts emblazoned with the letter "S", along with gloves to conceal his forearms and numerous other items of clothing, including a denim jacket with a rose emblem. Stronger usually makes an entrance by whislting and than saying "The heavens call...The earth cries out...The crowd roars...All calling on me to strike back against evil! Listen up evildoers, I am the champion of justice: Kamen Rider Stronger!".

During the third year of his time in Jōnan University where he was an American Football captain, after the death of his best friend and mentor Goro Numata by Black Satan's attempt to convert him into a Kikaijin cyborg, Shigeru vowed revenge. Faking ignorance of their part in the murder and portraying himself as a villain, Shigeru tricks Black Satan's scientists into converting him into a cyborg. Brought before Black Satan's leader to swear loyalty to him, Shigeru reveals his true colors as he transforms. Saving a fellow incomplete cyborg named Yuriko Misaki as they escape, Shigeru introduces himself to her Kamen Rider Stronger as the two of work together against Black Satan. While checking out a light house being used by Black Satan's Okamin Kikaijin to have ships crash into each other, Shigeru encounters a smug strange man, revealed to be Mister Titan, who took out one of the grunts he attempted to capture. Shigeru eventually meets Tōbei Tachibana while thwarting a scheme of Black Satan's to capture children for their Black Satan Ranger Kid Squad scheme, gaining the man as another ally.

Stronger, Tackle, and Tōbei fight valiantly against the evil cyborg forces of Black Satan, continually meeting the head agents General Shadow, and Mister Titan. Titan is defeated in episode 13, but manages to return in episode 17 as the One-Hundred Eyed Titan, posing an even greater threat than before. Despite sharing the similar goals of defeating Stronger and conquering the world, General Shadow and the Titan cannot seem to agree on a few other issues—for instance, which one of them gets to kill Stronger. Often, their bickering inadvertently allows him to escape their wrath.

In episode 26, Stronger is able to topple Black Satan once and for all. With his former organization in ruins, General Shadow forms the "Delza Army" to continue his malicious goals. There were two further defining moments for the series: first, in episode 30, Tackle sacrifices herself to save Stronger from Doctor Kate, a Delza Army general. Her death affects Stronger greatly, and he vows to keep fighting until evil is defeated. Tackles' death is sometimes compared to Riderman's sacrifice in Kamen Rider V3. In the following episode, Stronger's fight against evil is greatly assisted when he undergoes surgery and gains a devastating new power—the ability to power up into a new, stronger, form—"Charge Up!".

Ultimately, all the former Riders, Kamen Riders 1, 2 from the original Kamen Rider, V3 and Riderman from Kamen Rider V3, X from Kamen Rider X, and Amazon from Kamen Rider Amazon, all appear in the final few episodes to help Stronger finally defeat the Delza Army and General Shadow.



The following forms are available to Stronger.

  • Base
  • Charge Up (final form)

Stronger's Base form has an Electro Gauge on 3 levels to utilize the other electric-based finishing moves. To utilize a more powerful attacks, Stronger must fill 1 or more level with his attacks (mostly specials). Activates the Electro Gauge's Boost, will cost the gauge meters. The boost only activates period once a level gauge had been filled from via attacks.

At level 0, his melee and special attacks are seems slower than other Riders, Stronger is considered as the slowest character, if not counting Takeshi Hongo (Shocker Combatant Disguise).

  • Rider Cancel: Dodge
  • Rider Glide: Electro Chop


  • --(4)----(2): a two to rapid punches then roundhouse kick, followed by two punches ended with Rider Kick
    • Becomes two Electro Punches on roundhouse kick followups if Electro Gauge Boost is used
      • Electro Gauge/Boost Effects:
        • Level 0: Normal two punches
        • Level 1: two Electro Punches Level 1
        • Level 2: two Electro Punches Level 2
          • Increases Attack and Stuns
        • Level 3: two Electro Punches Level 3
          • Increases more Attack and Stuns
  • Hold : Electro Magnet
    • Pulls enemies closer
    • Hold to pull longer and release for shockwave
      • Guard Break during shockwave
      • Only lasted for 3 seconds
    • Electro Gauge/Boost Effects:
      • Level 0: Electro Magnet Level 0
      • Level 1: Electro Magnet Level 1
        • Increases range to pull
      • Level 2: Electro Magnet Level 2
        • Increases more range to pull
      • Level 3: Electro Magnet Level 3
        • Increases another more range to pull
  • Running : Rider Chop
    • Becomes Electro Chop if Electro Gauge Boost is used
      • Electro Gauge/Boost Effects:
        • Level 0: a normal chop
        • Level 1: Electro Chop Level 1
        • Level 2: Electro Chop Level 2
          • Increases Attack, Range and Stuns
        • Level 3: Electro Chop Level 3
          • Increases more Attack, Range and Stuns
  • Air : Drop Kick
    • Can link to Air when jump to higher air
    • Spammable when using Air Dash figure
  • Air : Stronger Punch
  • : Electro Fire
    • Electro Gauge/Boost Effects:
      • Level 0: Electro Fire Level 0
        • Projectile
      • Level 1: Electro Fire Level 1
        • Radial
      • Level 2: Electro Fire Level 2
        • Increase Radial Power
      • Level 3: Electro Waterfall
        • Anti-Air Radial
  • : Electro Thunder
    • Electro Gauge/Boost Effects:
      • Level 0: Electro Thunder Level 0
      • Level 1: Electro Thunder Level 1
        • Increase Thunder to 4
      • Level 2: Electro Thunder Level 2
        • Increase Power
      • Level 3: Electro Thunder Level 3
        • Increase Thunder to 5
  • +: Stronger Electro Kick
    • Electro Gauge/Boost Effects:
      • Level 0: Stronger Electro Kick Level 0
      • Level 1: Stronger Electro Kick Level 1
        • Increase Power
      • Level 2: Stronger Electro Kick Level 2
        • Increase more Power
      • Level 3: Stronger Electro Kick Level 3
        • Increase and more Power, and gains Unblockable
  • R1/: Electro Gauge Boost
    • MAX 3 time use depends on how many gauge filled
    • Increases Attacks, Stuns and Speed
    • Via attacks only
    • Limited time

Charge Up is accessed by pressing R2 when the super gauge is at 50% or 100%. After transforming, Stronger performs a Super Electron Drill, then when hit to Three-Step Kick.

  • Rider Cancel: Dodge
  • Rider Glide: Electro Chop


  • --(4)----(2): a two to rapid punches then roundhouse kick, followed by two Electro Punches ended with Rider Kick
  • Hold : Super Electro Magnet
    • Pulls enemies closer
    • Hold to pull longer and release for shockwave
    • Only lasted for 3 seconds
  • Running : Super Electro Chop
  • Air : Drop Kick
    • Can link to Air when jump to higher air
    • Spammable when using Air Dash figure
  • Air : Super Stronger Punch
  • : Super Electro Screw Kick
  • : Super Electro Speed Diving Punch
    • Hold if hits for Super Electro Jet Throw
      • Unblockable Throw
    • Can be directed
  • +: Super Electro Lightning Kick

Strengths/Pros and Weaknesses/ConsEdit


  • Hold (Electro Magnet) is good for close range surroundings
  • Can jump higher to be able to link Air (Drop Kick) to Air ((Super) Stronger Punch)
  • Has a stun attacks (Base can only use this after using Electro Gauge Boost)
  • Base
    • (Electro Fire Level 1 -2/Waterfall) is good for close range surroundings
    • (Electro Fire Level 0) and (Electro Thunder) are good for long range
    • Using R1/ (Electro Gauge Boost) three times slows the boost timer
    • Can stay in R1/ (Electro Gauge Boost) after activating the boost, then either entering transportation mode or final form
  • Charge Up is very well-round to use


  • All
    • Slow speed on -String attacks's first two strings
  • Base
    • (Electro Fire/Waterfall) and (Electro Thunder) are slow on Rider Cancelling
  • Charge Up
    • None so far



Stronger's bike is Kabutolaw.