Premium TV SoundEdit

Kamen Rider KuugaEdit

  • “Kamen Rider Kuuga!” by Matsuyaki Tanaka
  • “Senshi” by Toshihiko Sahashi

Kamen Rider AgitoEdit

  • “Kamen Rider Agito” by Shinichi Ishihara
  • “Deep Breath” by Rider Chips feat. Rolly

Kamen Rider RyukiEdit

  • “Alive A Life” by Rika Matsumoto
  • “Hatenaki Inochi” by Hiroshi Chatan

Kamen Rider 555Edit

  • “Justiφ’s” by ISSA
  • “The People With No Name” by Rider Chips feat. m.c.A・T

Kamen Rider BladeEdit

  • “Round Zero~Blade Brae” by Nanase Aikawa
  • “Elements” by Rider Chips feat. Ricky

Kamen Rider HibikiEdit

  • “Kagayaki” by Toshihiko Sahashi
  • “Shounen Yo” by Akira Fuse

Kamen Rider KabutoEdit

  • “Next Level” by Yu-ki (TRF)
  • “Full Force” by Rider Chips

Kamen Rider Den-OEdit

  • “Climax Jump” by AAA Den-O Form
  • “Double-Action” by Ryotaro Nogami and momotaros

Kamen Rider KivaEdit

  • “Break the Chain” by Tourbillon
  • “Supernova” by Tetra-Fang

Kamen Rider DecadeEdit

  • “Journey Through the Decade” by Gackt
  • “Decade” by Shouhei Naruse and Koutarou Nakagawa
  • “Ride the Wind” by Tsukasa Kadoya

Kamen Rider WEdit

  • “W-B-X- ~W-Boiled Extreme~” by Aya Kimaki with Takuya
  • “Extreme Dream” by Labor Day

Kamen Rider OOOEdit

  • “Anything Goes” by Maki Ooguro
  • “Time Judged All” by Eiji Hino x Ankh

Kamen Rider FourzeEdit

  • “Switch On!” by Anna Tsuchiya
  • “Endless Play” by Astronauts feat. Shina

Kamen Rider WizardEdit

  • “Life is Show Time” by Shou Kiryuuin from Golden Bomber
  • “Just the Beginning” by Kamen Rider Girls
  • “Beastbite” by Rider Chips


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Voice SamplesEdit

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