Takeshi Hongo (Shocker Combatant Disguise)
Takeshi Hongo (Shocker Combatant Disguise)
Takeshi Hongo (Shocker Combatant Disguise)
Identity Takeshi Hongo
Series Kamen Rider (Takeshi Hongo)
Original (Shocker Combatant Disguise)
Debut Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis
Portrayed By Hiroshi Fujioka (BWG - onwards)
Unlock Condition Playstation Store DLC first print pre-order in Shocker Infiltration Pack

Shocker Combatant Disguise of Takeshi Hongo is a special playable character who first appear as downloadable exclusive character in Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis. He cannot tag with other Riders, besides tagging with his original self.


This disguise only be used by Takeshi Hongo to infiltrate Shocker's Base.


Despite having a similar moves as normal Takeshi Hongo, The Shocker Combatant Disguise is lack of finisher, Rider Cancel, Rider Glide and only has 1 ground attack, but have a more special moves, including unique ability like Shocker Combatants' "EEEK!!!" trademark taunt.

Strengths/Pros and Weaknesses/ConsEdit



  • No Rider Cancel and Glide
  • has no string and is very weak
  • Only have 1 air special attack
  • Can't access R2 super and Tag Partners
  • Complete Joke Character than Yoshimune Tokugawa



Shocker Combatant Disguise of Takeshi Hongo's bike is some of Shocker Combatants' Rider Machine.

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