Yoshimune Tokugawa
Yoshimune Tokugawa
Yoshimune Tokugawa
Identity Yoshimune Tokugawa
Series Abarenbo Shogun (originally)
Kamen Rider OOO
Debut Kamen Rider: Battride War II
Portrayed By Ken Matsudaira
Unlock Condition Battride War II:
None, cannot be selected in character select (only playable in two Missions)

Yoshimune Tokugawa is a special playable character in Kamen Rider: Battride War II. He start out in maximum level (Level 99) and cannot be selected in a character select, except only playable in two certain missions.


Yoshimune is the 8th shogun of Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan. Prior to meeting Eiji, Yoshimune received a gift from Europe, a set of three mysterious orange coins (with latters revealed to be called a Core type O Medals) that people knew little about. By the time the Knights and the Nue Yummy invaded looking for the coins/medals he encountered modern time people like Eiji Hino and company. He then fought alongside Eiji as Kamen Rider OOO (in which when he used Birth Driver that was lost from Akira Date before transport into Yoshimune's era) and in the battle with the Nue Yummy, he tossed the Core Medals to OOO allowing him to become BuraKaWani Combo and destroy the Nue Yummy. When OOO manage to trick Belle into saving everyone. As a shocked Belle explodes, Eiji's infinite desire overloads Gara's device to the alchemist's horror as Tokugawa and his people honors Eiji and friends a goodbye to return to their time.


Being the only playable non-Rider, Tokugawa's jumping distance is much similar to those of normal people. He also has a special boost called "Tokugawa Family Emblem", which increased sword damages, speed, defenses and ranges max 3 levels for limited time after hitting an enemy.

His finishing move may have an infinite gauge the emblem boost once he hits the enemies correctly, entering his steady walk stance and can be pressed with normal and special attacks.

  • Rider Cancel: Stance Guard
  • Rider Glide: None


  • ---------: a series of sword slashes
  • Running : a running sword jab
  • Air -: a two times aerial sword slashes
  • Air : Helm Breaker
  • : five time sword slashes
    • Press four more times for additional attacks
    • Can be directed
  • : a steady walk
    • Hold to remain walk
    • Can be directed
    • Can be chained during a string attacks or specials and/or finisher moves
  • +: a downward sword slash
    • Increased Tokugawa emblem once the enemy is hit
    • MAX Level 3

Strengths/Pros and Weaknesses/ConsEdit


  • Starts from Level 99
  • Increases Tokugawa Emblem boost max 3 levels after hitting with +
  • Stance Guard Rider Cancel does dodge to back
  • Lethal Joke Character, should be deserved to be full playable


  • Being a true playable non-Kamen Rider human, Yoshimune has a same strength of a normal humans, such as on on his jumping height, unlike Takeshi Hongo
  • Playable in two certain side missions
    • Entering mission automatically means cannot access figures
  • Limited time on Tokugawa Emblem Gauge boost
  • No Rider Glide



Being a character from the past, the 8th Shogun usually rides his white horse with the Tokugawa family emblem on his ride.